Druglord 'Enter Venus' 12" LP

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The three-piece band hits the listener hard, and right from the opening track Grievous Healing, the band doesn’t hold back in putting out some of the most bone-shattering music, as Greta and Tommy ensuring that the riffs that they unleash are as crushing as possible, and Bobby’s drumming, while far from being fast paced or energetic, help to add on to the impact of their music as he punishes the skins relentlessly with each hit. Like on Motherfucker Rising, one is quickly reminded of stoner/doom bands such as Electric Wizard, as well as legends like Sleep or Cathedral on their earlier material, with that combination of the doom of bands like Saint Vitus and that ever so slight groovy touch. The lead guitars even have a slight Southern touch to them.

But the thing that sets Enter Venus apart from what they have presented on Motherfucker Rising is in how they have managed to expand the sound that they have presented before. I’m not sure what it is, but Enter Venus sounds extremely huge, and the production on the album ensures that one is constantly buried beneath a wall of sound.