Dropdead / Totalitär - Split CD

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"Over three years in the making, this split CD EP/7" combines two of the longest running and best-loved hardcore bands on the planet. Rhode Island's DROPDEAD have flown the flag of extreme political thrash since the early nineties with multiple tours crisscrossing Australia, Japan, Europe and the States, with numerous 7"s, 12"s, 5"s, and even an 11" to their credit. A whopping SIX tracks slapped onto a 7" side, representing some of their most savage material since their 1991 debut EP. Sweden's TOTALITAR dates back to the "silver age" of swedish hardcore in the mid to late 1980's, delivering pounding, classic hardcore punk cast out of the DISCHARGE mold. Always topically astute, TOTALITAR have been even more productive in the last decade, with two LPs, two split LPs and a heap of 7"s to their credit, casting their appeal way beyond a "cult band." Their three tracks are from their latest session (some of which are out now as a 7" on Really Fast Records in Sweden). The songs have a looser and more garage feel, but steamroll within their classic explosive formula."