Deep Shit / Have Fun - split 7" EP

$ 2.99

This split brings together two raging fastcore/powerviolence thrash rippers. Deep Shit lays to the platter fast and high energy thrashcore. Raw and grindy vocals lay over fast and catchy thrashcore. On the same vein as a Killed In Action style, with thrash breaks and throaty vocals. Have Fun shred the vinyl with a more powerviolence fueled thrashcore. Along the lines of Spazz and early sounding bands, combined with a feel of Crucial Unit styled thrashcore.


Deep Shit
A1 – Thug Lunge
A2 – Gamblor
A3 – Kill Yourself W/ Yourself
A4 – Dreadlocker
A5 – Stabbed By A Punk
A6 – Tranqs, Lobos And Zipheads
A7 – Fight You!
A8 – A/C Nation

Have Fun
B1 – C.R.E.A.M
B2 – Wizards VS. Warlocks
B3 – A Brothers Revenge
B4 – Bombtheart
B5 – Hard As (Go! Cover)