Decrepitaph 'Condemned Cathedral' 12" LP

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Sadistic slayings soaked in reverb! Chainsaw guitars tearing your flesh apart! The gates of hell have been opened and DECREPITAPH is your grim reaper awaiting your death! Finally unearthed is the dark and sinister debut full-length CD from DECREPITAPH! 10 demonic rituals of barbaric DOOM/DEATH METAL from beyond the grave! "Condemned Cathedral" exhumes the horrific atmosphere created by the origins of the genre while also giving you a sound of their own. This is the ultimate in murky, down-tuned, inhuman death metal that is the soundtrack to your own burial in HELL! Fans of WINTER, MYTHIC, ASPHYX, DISEMBOWELMENT, INCANTATION, ROTTREVORE, COFFINS, SADISTIC INTENT, early-DEATH, DECOMPOSED(UK), and other rotten minions of classic DOOM/DEATH METAL...rejoice!