Deceased 'Surreal Overdose' 12" LP

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The long-running metal maestros have kept the faith since 1985, summoning a slew of cult releases and building up an immensely dedicated fanbase that has followed the band merrily into hell and back. Now, at the dawn of 2011, King Fowley and his band of 'bangers have returned with their 6th full-length album after 6 long years of waiting! From the band's traditional death thrashing aggression to the liberal dosage of traditional heavy/speed metal, Deceased represents the very best of what any modern (or surviving) metal entity can achieve: quality compositional ability that manages to pay a wonderful compliment to all of its influences, but at the same time sounds incredibly fresh and important. Those who are fond of the band's past works "Supernatural Addiction" (2000) and "Fearless Undead Machines" (1997) are in for a particular treat, because Surreal Overdose is every bit as memorable, if not more so.