Day of Mourning 'Your Future's End' 12" LP

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Toronto, Canada's DAY OF MOURNING exisited during the mid-late 1990s and featured members that went on to play in Pulling Teeth, Hatewaves, Slumlords, Blue Monday and XIn This DefianceX.  Brutal mosh-ridden metallic hardcore/ deathcore is on them menu with downtuned instruments, double bass drumming and guttural vocals.  

Originally released on CD in 1999 (Sounds Of Revolution Records), we're proud to give this recording a vinyl release featuring gatefold packaging, and new artwork by Linas Garsys.  'Your Future's End' was recorded in 1998 by Bill Korecky at the Infamous MARS Compound and features guest vocal appearances by Dwid Hellion (Integrity) and Human Furnace (Ringworm).  Still sounds heavier than most records recorded today.