Crucified Mortals 's/t' Gatefold 12" LP with poster

$ 14.69

from HHR: "Get ready to be hit in the face with an iron fist of thrash metal insanity... after ten years of several EP and demo outputs, Crucified Mortals release their first full-length album. Comprised of eleven horror tales transcribed into metallic hymns the album continues the bands' own appalling sound with arguably their best material to date. A truly unique style of well-played and evil fucking thrash with hints of death metal that showcases a diverse range sure to satisfy the ear's craving for speed, heavy and memorable riffing complimented with harsh angry vocals and pounding drums. Hammer the nails & thrash 'til fucking death!

RECOMMENDED FOR DIE HARDS OF: Hobbs' Angel Of Death, Rigor Mortis (Texas), Deceased & Carnivore"

1) The Seance, 2) Sordid Treachery, 3) Hidden Tomb, 4) Resurrected Fiend, 5) Figure In Black, 6) Desecrating The Dead, 7) Perpetrator, 8) Ghastly Affliction, 9) Fatal Scheme, 10) Masked Murder, 11) Doom