Crow 'Neurotic Organization' 7"

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We have two on clear and two on red vinyl.

Dark and bleak hardcore cornered in metallic rock, but thundering with determined intent. Fueled by the upbeat energy of Japanese hardcore, but drawing longer mid tempo compositions of shouted despair, pounded drum beats and screaming guitars influenced by UK bands such as Antisect and Amebix, the EP includes a rollicking cover of Amebix's "No Sanctuary." Crow has been on and off the hardcore scene for almost two decades, with numerous releases in Japan. This was their first US release in 2001, recorded in Oakland at Polymorph Studios and has been out of print for over six years, with cover art and design by Carl Auge of His Hero Is Gone and Drain the Sky. The Cover has been re-worked for this re-release and the EP issued on limited to 400 red vinyl