Coffins 'Mortuary in Darkness' 2x12" LP

$ 19.99

Old-school Death / Doom Metal LIVES!! Japan's COFFINS have brought back the horrific sounds of this destructive form of metal with their crushing debut album "Mortuary in Darkness"! This is one of the most supremely heaviest albums ever, guaranteed to bring back memories of the classic best by pioneers AUTOPSY, HELLHAMMER, and WINTER! Features morbidly wonderful cover artwork by death metal legend Chris Moyen (BEHERIT, BLASPHEMY, INCANTATION, MORTICIAN, etc).

Double LP in gatefold jacket. 2 bonus tracks!
Split release with Parasitic Records

Black End
Slaughter Of Gods
Mortuary In Darkness
The Unspeakable Pain
Sacrifice To Evil Spirit
Into The Coffin (Oppression)
Into the Coffin - Bonus
Warhead (Venom cover) - Bonus

We have the black and green version represses, both do not have the poster.