Chronic Sick 'Cutest Band In Hardcore' 12" LP

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(from No Way Records): Finally legitimately reissued on vinyl for the first time in 28 years! This NJHC cult classic has been under the radar for decades and the original (Limited to 300 copies of MUTHA RECORDS fetches up to 1500.00 on ebay, so here's your chance to grab a copy at a decent price. We've worked hard to make this look, sound and feel close the same if not better than the original. 6 songs of snotty NJ HC Punk that crosses the lines between hardcore and almost pop punk at times, you'll see what we mean when you hear it. Not some silly FAT WRECK type stuff just kinda in the same way that early screeching weasel did (pretty sure they must have listened to chronic sick.) Absolutely perfect production all around, this recording has always amazed us by being so crisp, clear, and powerful. Restored and Remastered by Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers, and what a great job he did! This is a must have record, and we've worked our asses off to have it see the light of day again.Also comes with a poster the band designed with a nice collage of stuff involving CHRONIC SICK.