Capsule 'Blue' 12" LP

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Wrapping one’s head around what exactly CAPSULE is doing on their debut album Blue is damn-near impossible, as these three post-ADD maniacs have created one of the strangest heavy-music albums in years. This is a confounding conglomeration of blasting time-signatures, galloping punk spirit and a ghostly vocal chorus that buzzes through a mountain of guitar and bass. No other band sounds like Miami’s trio CAPSULE, just as CAPSULE sounds like no other band. 

Blurry, buried shouts in unison are surrounded by absolutely thunderous songs, played at speeds with every tempo in the "punk" and "metal" spectrums. Intricate melodies in bizarre tunings sneak their way into an overall unnerving amalgamation of genres, creating an anxiety-filled album of fevered beauty. Of course, this is coming from a label who writes release descriptions typically loaded with hyperbole, but we still say with full confidence that this is one of the most unique and interesting albums Robotic Empire has released to date