Canyons/Tigon/Foreign Theaters 'Can't Have Nothin Nice' Split 12"

$ 9.69

On this release we have teamed up with our old friends, Missouri's Canyons and our new friends, Tigon from the California Bay area and Foreign Theaters from Missouri to release a 12in split As we've come to expect, Canyons four tracks combine metal, hardcore, and rock perfectly. These tracks combine the raw passion of hardcore with heavy groove driven guitars for a sound unique to them. Think of them as Every Time I Die mixed with Clutch, Down, Coalesce, and Botch. Next Tigon brings their mix of 90's screamo, hardcore, metal, and punk. Think Botch, At The Drive-In, Engineer, and The Minor Times. These songs are heavy, technical , chaotic, and powerful all at once. Foreign Theaters finishes off this split with four songs that instantly bring to mind old Touch and Go Records(Jesus Lizard, Shellac, or Therapy?) or late 90's discord played heavier. These driving mid tempo tracks just pound away from beginning to end with no let up. Think Young Widows, Melvins, and a tinge of Kylesa.