Burial Year 'Pestilence' 12" LP

$ 11.69

Get out of the pit, you windmilling freak. Its time to recover the dancefloor with some real heaviness, backed up by DIY-ethics and a politically pissed off drive. Ive been waiting on this sick baby ever since the almighty Takaru broke up. One of the last things Robert (Zann/Adagio) said to me last Summer before his van hit the road again was: More metal. And even heavier breakdowns.. Floored at forehand although I must admit, even when listening to "pestilence", it stays hard to top off the intensity and heaviness from Takaru. Still, the last thing Burial Year does, is disappoint. "pestilence" is filled to the brim with mosh heavy metalcore destruction of the most extreme kind. Besides Zann, I can not tell you of another European band that has this impact on me. So, heaviness and blistering catchiness that is going to cause some ruckus on the dancefloor. On a sidenote: it can not be said enough: a hardcore band becomes twice as lethal if there is an intelligent pissed off attitude in the lyrics that gives about this world. And so it is with Burial Year. They wouldn´t sound this crazy at all if their lyics were about their girlfriend breaking up or some stupid tough guy beef. Get radical.X