Blind Dog 'Captain Dog Rides Again'

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Blind Dog - Captain Dog Rides Again CD
"Well shit fire son; this here’s one badass rock ‘n’ roll record! Blind Dog were always the best band of MeteorCity’s Viking Rock Trifecta—outshining fellow Swedes, The Mushroom River Band and Lowrider. This in itself was no easy feat as both of those bands kick major ass, but Blind Dog always seemed to go the extra mile in terms of sonic breadth and interesting song structures. With this their second release, the trio returns with the staples that made their debut album so damn good: burly guitars pushed up front in the mix, vocals that range from a soulful tenor to rasping angst, fuzzed out single note grooves, and massive riffs. The mix is perfect, with everything loud enough and in all the right places. The real treat is the songwriting.This album has it all—gigantic riffs, a killer electric piano solo, guitars by the metric ton, waltzes, shuffles, an homage to Hendrix, and enough twists and turns to keep any listener engaged and surprised. Well done gentlemen. Well worth the wait." FuzzySVT /
"Dynamic, passionate and intense, Blind Dog moves easily from smooth to bludgeoning, unleashing an unexpected sonic mix that simultaneously recalls the classic sounds of Superjudge-era Monster Magnet, the jazzy leanings of early Jethro Tull, and the aggressive death ‘n‚ roll of Entombed." -MeteorCity
Track List:
Don’t Ask Me Where I Stand
Iron Cage
Let It Go
Would I Make You Believe
Follow The Fools
Back Off
Fading Memories
There Must Be Better Ways Of Losing Your Mind
Be The Same