Black Blood Stigmata 'Demo'

$ 5.69

"Originally formed somewhere between 2002 and 2004 with the creation of Illuminate A New Sky by Jason and former guitarist Jeff, but was unnamed. Sometime in 2005 began rehearsing actively with Troy being added on Bass and Vox. The years of 2007-2009 were periods of estrangements between members. Reformed in 2009 with Jason playing Rhythm Guitars, Jeff playing Lead Guitars, Troy on Drums. In 2011 the first demo was recorded shortly followed by the departure of long time friend and family member Jeff...

Black Blood Stigmata is a tribute to REAL FUCKING METAL, plain and simple. We are also actively against the three religions which come from the middle eastern sands. Right now we are writing many new songs for our debut full length release which will be an outright attack against Christians, Muslims, and Jewish alike..."