Barghest 'Untitled' 12" LP

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I heard snippets of Barghest the first time I visited Louisiana. I had just flewn in to hang out with Thou on their trip to SXSW 2009. Andy Gibbs had played snippets of old Barghest demos for me in the van ride from the airport. I remember we visited some great little bar/grill that had incredible food. I was sleep deprived, starved (that’s how I have to travel, I don’t know why) and this plate of grilled vegetables I had at the restaurant was just unbelievable. Totally hit the spot. Anyway, on the way there he played me some of some of his other band at the time (I think they were still active) called We Need To Talk. All around great stuff, but Barghest stuff with me being that it was more metal and more up my alley. I bothered the band about getting me something to listen to, and they promised they would. I guess I can’t really say they were lying, it just took a while!
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