Axed Up Conformist / Archagathus - 'Untitled' / 'Hellish Fury Unleashed' split 7"

$ 2.69

A1 –Axed Up Conformist Fuck What You Think
A2 –Axed Up Conformist Down With Brainwave
A3 –Axed Up Conformist The Joke Is On You
A4 –Axed Up Conformist King Shit In A Land Of Crap
A5 –Axed Up Conformist Get Crackin'
A6 –Axed Up Conformist First Take
A7 –Axed Up Conformist Back To The Grind
B1 –Archagathus Hellish Fury Unleashed
B2 –Archagathus Of Mince And Men
B3 –Archagathus Disgruntled Insincerity
B4 –Archagathus Crazy Situation
B5 –Archagathus Ratatosk

More Canadian mince than one person can handle. Dirty dirty grindcore, this will make you want to listen to pop punk for weeks afterwards to get the ringing out of your ears.