Ash Borer / Fell Voices - Split 12" LP

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Alright. I always tell people that I’ve never, ever worked with a band that contacts me through email or sent me a demo. As I started brainstorming on ideas for this here discog page I realized I was being a liar. This split is a direct result of Kyle (Ash Borer) reaching out to me via email about doing a 7″ for their band. At the time It wasn’t something I was able to do, and, to be entirely frank, I wasn’t sold on their demo material I had heard at the time. Not to say I didn’t like it, I just wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to release. I try to be as critical as I can about potential projects, sometimes to a fault. I distinctly recall one early morning I was working 1st shift at the print shop, no one else was around, and I was blasting through the Fell Voices Untitled (II) LP that Howling Mine and I were planning to release together, and then decided to jam what Ash Borer material I had with me at the time. It dawned on me very suddenly that the two bands went amazingly well side by side. I stopped working on the order I was in the middle of, hopped on the computer in the shop for a “smoker” (being one of the non-smokers at work I decide I get tiny breaks to dick-off to balance the playing field a bit) and emailed Kyle explaining enthusiastically that I needed to work with them on this split that I knew was in the works. He put me in touch with Nate from Eternal Warfare, who was already committed to the project, and we decided it would be a killer team-up for a split release. These two tracks still stand as some of my favorite material by both bands.
-Gilead Media