Aldebaran '...From Forgotten Tombs' 12" LP

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from Kreation Records: "Hailing from Portland, Oregon the mighty Aldebaran brings yet another high quality doom release to the world via the great Pacific Northwest. This album compiles all the Aldeberan material that is not on LP format to one heavy piece of wax. It features the material from the great Aldebaran/Rue split cd, which has never been on vinyl before and is some of the best material the band will ever write (check Aldebaran Red). It also contains the two awesome songs from the out of print "Pleasures of War 7". And to end the record there is a PENTAGRAM cover that is totally amazing and will be played over and over by you! (Exclusive to this LP) I don't want to lump this band into Sludge, Stoner or whatever. Just solid and heavy doom music recorded and played at a very high level. Of course this has all been remastered by Mell Dettmer (Sunn, Earth, Boris) and sounds totally killer."