Apartment 213 / Nothing Is Over - split 7" EP

$ 2.69

1 –Apartment 213 Creepy
2 –Apartment 213 Apply Your Make Up
3 –Apartment 213 Blush
4 –Apartment 213 Gross Sexual Imposition
1 –Nothing Is Over Bleed Me Dry
2 –Nothing Is Over Get Pissed/ How Can You Be You?
3 –Nothing Is Over Everyday Hate
4 –Nothing Is Over Stare Back
5 –Nothing Is Over You're Cut Off
6 –Nothing Is Over Fake And Loving It
7 –Nothing Is Over Instrumetal


Both bands bring a brutal and raw sound to the table!!! Mixing powerviolence, fast hardcore, grind, and catchy blasts to your ears! Some songs even fall on the tinges of metal riffs while blasting into a more solid grindcore/powerviolence sound, while still maintaining a few catchy breaks to keep everyone on their toes, even touching some punk rock riffs!

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