Prisoner 'Fear Is The Mind Killer' cassette tape

$ 2.25

Let this three song cassette EP serve not only as your introduction to these Richmond upstarts, but as a warning shot across the bow. Although having formed in only 2012, this cast of misanthropic miscreants have been honing their craft in basements, kitchens, and dive bars across America for the better part of the last decade with members having served tours of duty in past and present Richmond acts like Balaclava, Inter Arma, and Animal Magazine. PRISONER has one foot rooted firmly in the school of dark and crusty metallic hardcore (a la His Hero is Gone, Tragedy and Cursed) but to call them just a "dark and crusty metallic hardcore band" would be a slight, because PRISONER is so much more. Ferocious, d-beat driven, metallic hardcore gives way to moments of post-metal inspired heaviness. On songs like "Vacuum" PRISONER hammer the listener with sludgy, gloomy hardcore before weaving their way into more sinister territory, at times even employing a moody dissonance normally found in left-of-center black metal bands. PRISONER have without question forged all of their influences into one solid, vicious and well crafted mission statement.


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