Yautja 'Songs of descent' CD

$ 7.69



Yautja frequently divide between expansive, sprawling sludge and terrorizing grind, which gives Songs of Descent a unique flow, with fast and slow tracks expertly paired for maximum impact. Sometimes there’s even a noise rock feel present within some of their angular, lurching grooves, which splay back and forth like powerful oceanic currents, violently pushing and pulling everything they come in contact with.

Yautja have crafted a gargantuanly heavy and headbangable hodgepodge that always knows when to shift tempos and flavors for maximum contrast and diversity. Songs of Descent rarely sticks to one thing for long; the switch-ups between/grind/hardcore/sludge/punk/death metal-ish riffs come often and are expertly ordered and arranged in a plethora of different ways.

With so many bands doing d-beat punk / metal mergers, the groups with the strongest songwriting and best riffs rise to the top. Both are areas in which Yautja finds few equals. Songs Of Descent flows like a crushing sentient plague, focused in its intent to annihilate everything, and prone to pointing out the inconvenient carcasses and decay that litter the landscape, which we try to ignore. Ugly animosity never sounded so rabid.



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