Yautja 'Songs of Descent' 12" LP

$ 13.99



ALBUM OUT 02/11/2014

First pressing 500, 200 gold n black and 300 white.

Second pressing 500, all black vinyl.

Third pressing 500, 250 olive green with orange splatter and 250 swamp green with brown splatter

"Yautja is one of the best new heavy bands you've never heard of...Yautja incorporate imperial sludge riffs ala Neurosis with grind, math, crust and more. You'd think a mish-mash of influence like that would be jarring, but Yautja feels a lot more organic than their description leads on. Especially live. Where they rip. Think Inter Arma without the southern bent and with more grind instead of black metal." - Noisey

"But if you can nail that sweet spot, just between a freight train with its brakes cut and a drunkard going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, the results can be explosively satisfying. Because after all, who wouldn’t want to hear a mosh riff that’s been kidnapped by the AmRep roster and fed a bunch of drugs?" - Invisible Oranges

"The band sounds as meaty and menacing on one-minute chunks of flesh as they do on [their] lengthier jawbreak­ers..." - Decibel

"They comprise all kinds of different sound on “Songs of Descent,” and while they fit nicely into the heavy metal stronghold, they offer sounds beyond that, going into noise rock and even some hardcore leanings...relentlessly heavy, tough as nails, and eventually storming with fury. The band just destroys everything in its wake, with feedback wailing and aiming to cut flesh, guitars soaring into the stratosphere, and a killer instinct." - Meat, Mead, Metal


"Yautja frequently divide between expansive, sprawling sludge and terrorizing grind, which gives Songs of Descent a unique flow, with fast and slow tracks expertly paired for maximum impact. Sometimes there’s even a noise rock feel present within some of their angular, lurching grooves, which splay back and forth like powerful oceanic currents, violently pushing and pulling everything they come in contact with.

Yautja have crafted a gargantuanly heavy and headbangable hodgepodge that always knows when to shift tempos and flavors for maximum contrast and diversity. Songs of Descent rarely sticks to one thing for long; the switch-ups between/grind/hardcore/sludge/punk/death metal-ish riffs come often and are expertly ordered and arranged in a plethora of different ways.

With so many bands doing d-beat punk / metal mergers, the groups with the strongest songwriting and best riffs rise to the top. Both are areas in which Yautja finds few equals. Songs Of Descent flows like a crushing sentient plague, focused in its intent to annihilate everything, and prone to pointing out the inconvenient carcasses and decay that litter the landscape, which we try to ignore. Ugly animosity never sounded so rabid." - nocleansinging.com

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