Outclassed - 'This might be coincidence…' one-sided 12"EP + CDep gatefold

$ 4.69


Kicking out five tracks in just over 15 minutes, the band seems to build upon a foundation of 90's styled "screamo" influences: Think spastic hammer-on/pull-off riffs and winding discordance with a sense of "controlled chaos", bashing percussion, and of course intensely screamed vocals. A lot of bands that fall into this realm can tend towards the more irritating side of things, but that's absolutely not the case here at all. There's a good sense of energy and emotion to the songwriting, as I mentioned the noisier and more chaotic elements still retain some sense of focus, and there are also quirky little twists and turns aplenty that keep things interesting and add more dimension to their approach. Whether it's super dense, fuzzed out basslines and overdriven guitar textures that crumble into grizzled feedback from time to time, slightly more relaxed and melodic breathers, or peppy rhythmic jaunts that bring more of a math/noise rock element into play within the arrangements. Good stuff. I don't follow this style very closely, but every now and then I'm introduced to a band that really nails it, and Outclassed is definitely one of those bands.


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