Castevet 'Mounds of Ash' 12"LP

$ 13.99

Metalsucks deemed it "a ragged beast made of dissonant arpeggios and burly grooves that are endlessly propulsive while still taking the time to savor the meatier and more substantive riffs (closer “Harvester“ sounds like what would happen if Darkthrone and Amon Amarth had a baby)," Popmatters found themselves "stuck marveling at just how clever, unique, and striking this album is," and Stereogum recommended it to those who " like muscular, streamlined hardcore with your epic blackened metal."Teeth of the Divine noted "it all comes together for a rewarding, cathartic expression of art meeting extremity," and Sputnikmusic raved, " It’s an unholy trinity of black metal, hardcore and post-rock. The album as a whole does not contain one standout track; it plays out as one solid composition with each hymn smoothly interpolating similar musical ideas to form the sum of its parts. With this grandiose debut, Castevet breathe new life into the fetid lungs of the black metal genre." 

Really, the music speaks for itself.

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