Lugweight 'Yesterday' 12" LP

$ 11.99

Gestated in the same Richmond, Virginia punk-metal underground (pizza parlor) as Cough, Inter Arma and Windhand, the now-Brooklyn-based LUGWEIGHT’s “YESTERDAY” LP traffics a similarly heavy and heady guitar drone LP of equal parts the instantly recognizable full-stack evil riff worship of EARTH’S 1993 iconic “EARTH 2”, while also channeling the noisy stereo-psychedelic loops and locked groove drones of Lee Ranaldo’s 1987 SST record “From Here To Infinity”. LUGWEIGHT’s reverberating 12-string electric guitar is instantly characteristically LUGWEIGHT in that disgustingly slow headbanging tradition of “Geometry of Murder” backed by loops of guitar-as-heavy repetitive chimes. Homemade fuzzboxes and cigarbox oscillators bring a fried drowsiness to the back of the skull appropriately enough in YESTERDAY’s “Sleeping on Cocaine”, which also recalls the pre-disco-beat era of former Joe Preston roommates Growing. that particularly darker full stack metallic ambient guitar duo. “Long Song for the Insane”, the record’s longest track features cough-syruppy sung vocals buried in the riff, recalling the sunstroke melodicism of My Bloody Valentine and Joe Preston’s singing in Thrones. The heavy tubed ripper tracks are complemented by an insane full color psychedelic artwork treatment by Richmond’s Joe Legzz.



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