Grime 's/t' CD

$ 6.66


"Trieste’s Grime play the kind of street-trash sludgecrawl that will have you looking frantically for the nearest public restroom, in hopes to try and hobo-bath some of the filth off. Caked in inch-thick sonic disgust, the kind the likes of Eyehategod would be proud to call bastard son, Grime pull no punches as they bootfuck the listener across six sick songs of human misery and violent despair. Song titles like ‘Self-Contempt’, ‘Born Sick’, and ‘Wife Beater’, or liner notes that give “Thanks to Life, for being so miserable” should clue you in automatic that this is not going to be a pleasant journey, but rather some kind of wretched, retching, covered-in-sweat-and-sick, horror show carny ride, barely bolted together and ready to go off the rails any second. Barely-controlled chaos, a late night shamble through a sketchy back alley." -

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