Elder 's/t' CD

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"Crushing and destroying everything in its path comes the new offering from Massachusettes' psychedelic doomers, Elder. Like a trip into ancient times of barbarism with enough psychedelics to last you until the middle ages." MeteorCity
"Some people consider them similar to Sleep, but they're like if Pike and Co. took a detour after Holy Mountain into faster and more progressive material instead of smoking themselves into another dimension and writing Jerusalem/Dopesmoker. Sleep were quite young when they learned to channel that kind of vibe, Elder are the youth as well, is there some sort of an unspoken connection, a channeling of sorts? Doesn't matter, they stand on their own, just steady and pounding and churning out classic riff after classic riff layered with echoed vocals." dinger007 / StonerRock.com
White Walls
Riddle of Steel Pt. 1
Ghost Head
Riddle of Steel Pt. 2

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