Cough 'Sigillum Luciferi' CD

$ 7.99


A few years back, Virginia’s Cough set out to be the loudest and heaviest band in their hometown of Richmond, and they’ve come one clubfooted step closer with the debut full-length, Sigillum Luciferi. Exhaling with a wicked Electric Wizard hack, the ten-minute "Killing Fields” kicks off the down-tuned doomfest with elongated, feedback-drenched chords, à la Eyehategod. "Hole in the Infinite” calls to Iron Monkey, while "288 Years of Sin” (from 2006’s Kingdom EP) adds David Cisco’s Southern rock-influenced soloing. The plodding "Northern Plague” gives Cisco increased room to eke out more solos in between Chris Kirby’s throaty, Weedeater-like growls. Kirby puts echo on his vocals in the aptly titled "Shallow Grave,” while the nine-minute "Lyssavirus” again nudges Cisco into the spotlight with molasses-dripping chords and Joey Arcano’s tree branch-wielding drum assaults. Recorded by doom farer Sanford Parker (Indian, Buried at Sea, Minsk), Sigillum Luciferi gives Cough maximum momentum for metal dominance in slow motion.

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