City Of Ships 'Live Free Or Don’t' CDep

$ 3.69


“Amidst the ocean of droney, post-rock, post-hardcore clones, there are only a couple bands that catch my attention.  It’s a hard genre to accomplish that because the songs tend to bleed together, feedback overshadows the details, and I’m usually exhausted by the time I get through an album. City of Ships had me hooked from the beginning to the end of their vinyl-only release.  The band crushes, no question about it.  But, they aren’t just here to be the loudest, or the slowest, band; each song has its own personality.  Some consist of eerie instrumental passages, that lead to more hardcore dirges, while other come across like a heavier Quicksand, which is never a bad thing.  The vocals are pretty varied but always fit the songs.  Fans of JesuCult of Luna, and Isis should definitely invest their time and money in this release.”  – Evan Katz / RAZORCAKE # 49

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