Brainworms​ /​ Tubers - split 7"

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The underground railroad from St. Augustine to Richmond, VA finally comes to listeners in the form of a split between Tubers and the almighty Brainworms. Brainworms unleash two tracks on their 3rd split 7? in a year, one being Jays Big Date which is the zingiest of zingers yet by the band and the debut of Josh Small on guitar with the band. Track two is a cover of Rites of Spring ”For Want Of”, recorded at the same time as the live side of Which is Worse. Tubers, who have circuited the Florida punk scene in bands one might call spastic hardcore such as Twelve Hr. Turn, Solid Pony, and Environmental Youth Crunch, find a mellower spot to sit while not letting aggressive tendencies completely fall by the wayside. Tubers are the perfect complement for a party that wants to let loose, have fun, and, you know, maybe get a little weird on the dance floor and they do a Lemonheads cover.

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